Various Selections for Batman Party Costumes

Published: 11th March 2010
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It can be a very difficult process when it comes to finding the right outfit for a fancy dress party. A lot of people are tempted to just choose something quickly that they think will fit them alright and not make them look too silly. Obviously, there are certain outfits that are much more common choices than others. Out of the most popular ones that you will find for sale or hire at fancy dress outlets is batman costumes. These can be found both for children or adults and they can successfully transform even the most skinny and most unassuming guest into a formidable superhero with bucket-loads of charisma.

Batman or 'The Dark Knight' was created way back in 1939. Not only is the character still in existence, he is now more popular than he ever was. Along with other superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Superman and The X Men, The Caped Crusader has a huge fan base. The TV series of the sixties was incredibly popular and the string of movies has made the makers millions of pounds. Even after seventy years, toy shops are still full of figures and vehicles from the stories.

You will soon discover that there is a huge selection of websites that stock Batman costumes. The range consists of around 300 variations to choose from and there is a great deal of accessories to go with them. Depending on exactly what it is that you want, you can pay very little for Batman costumes or an awful lot indeed. You can keep it simple and go for a plain style suit or you can opt for an outfit that has such features as a built-in chest with six pack abs.

When you are looking through the hundreds of Batman costumes that are available you will also come across a wide selection of outfits that are synonymous with The Dark Knights' many enemies. Dressing up as Robin is something else that you could consider. Maybe your husband could be The Caped Crusader and you can be his side-kick for the evening...

Out of the many Batman costumes, and the outfits of his arch-enemies as well, you are sure to come across something that catches your eye. If you are having difficulty talking your wife or girlfriend into 'being' Robin for the night then perhaps she would consider adopting the role of Catwoman, Poison Ivy or Batgirl. There have been plenty of other female characters in The Caped Crusaders' adventures as well.

One of the only concerns that you are going to have on the night of the party is just how many other guests are wearing Batman costumes as well. After all, they are one of the most popular outfits that people choose. The only way round this problem is to make sure that you are the best one of The Dark Knights that are there.

Maybe you should have spent a bit more and got that suit with the shaped chest panel after all...

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